What you need to know about Impact360 Summer Success program.
Who is leading Impact360 Summer Success program?

Kids On Point, formerly known as Charleston Urban Squash, is the intermediary organization leading Impact360. Lauren Herterich of Kids On Point, Jessica Boylston-Fagonde of Further Fund, and Rachael James of the College of Charleston After School and Summer Learning Resource Center founded Impact360 Summer Success. The core team realized early on that it 'takes a village' to make a lasting impact.

Impact360 Summer Success is set to begin June 18, 2018 and will continue each summer calendar.

Who are the collaborating partners for the Impact 360 Summer Success program?

We are a coalition of individuals and organizations - parents, educators, non-profits, and community partners - who support the expansion of programs for underserved K through 12 students in Charleston County schools.

Please see our Partners section to see all the participating partners.

How will we measure Impact360 Summer Success Program outcomes?

The College of Charleston's Afterschool and Summer Learning Resource Center will evaluate program implementation and initial program impacts with a mixed-method research design and assessment tools proven valid and reliable in out-of-school-time learning contexts.

How will the Impact360 Summer Success coalition work together?

We know about the adverse effects of summer learning loss. In 2011, The Rand Corporation published a compelling report about this disturbing summer deficit. Coalition partners are joining forces to close this critical education gap and track students to provide year-round support. Impact 360 Summer Success wants to lead change for these students and the Charleston community.

Why $1,200 per child?

The cost of the six-week program is $1,200 per child. This amount covers everything they need between 8am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday, including paid certified teachers for academic subjects, transportation every day to and from the College of Charleston, meals, mentors, field trips, supplies, program facilitators, and more.

How do I sponsor a child?

Thank You!! Visit our DONATE page to make tax-deductible donations online or checks payable to "Kids on Point" Be sure to include "Impact360" on the memo line if writing a check.

Note: Kids On Point, formerly known as Charleston Urban Squash (EIN# 27-0771548)

Mail checks to:

Kids on Point
P.O. Box 22731, Charleston, SC 29413

Why 150 students?

Our initial goal of supporting 150 students is based on research which finds that gains in achievement generally occur when class size is less than 20 students. We will recruit 15 students per grade, K-12th to ensure ideal classes sizes for both students and teachers.

Why grades K-12?

For K-8th grade students, the core programming (Literacy, STEM, Athletics, and Empowerment) will be implemented. High school students will participate in academic programming, as well as civic engagement projects, SAT/ACT preparation, resume writing, and enrichment opportunities. Impact360 Summer Success recognizes family challenges for child care and financial needs which result in many older sibling/students foregoing summer opportunities because they are providing care for younger siblings. Impact360 Summer Success wants to expand and include older and younger siblings to attend the program.

How will the children be nominated and selected?

We are working hand-in-hand with educators and our partners to identify 150 students from Charleston peninsula public and charter schools who will benefit from the unique “whole child” approach of Impact360 Summer Success. Selection will be based on a first come, first serve basis.